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We come to you to get to the bottom of your pain. Our progressive approach to physiotherapy stops pain from recurring by treating your body, lifestyle and the way you move.

Mobile Physiotherpist treating patient

Meet Abby Rickard

Abby is the Founder and Principal Physiotherapist of Kinetic Performance. Abby’s goal is to help you perform at your best by improving your movement mechanics. 

The best nutrition services


Full Body Assessment

Allow us to understand your injury and it’s causes

Exercise Program

Targeting strength, stability and flexibility for your injury

Hands On Treatment

To relieve pain, regain your range of motion and stimulate healing

Prevention Strategies

Remedial massage focuses on soft tissue and joint release

At Kinetic Performance, you will find yourself on a continuum of healing that provides all the services you need to recover from an injury or illness. All provided from the comfort of your home.

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